Monday, September 7, 2009

Wildlife Bytes 31/08/09

Another Fraser Island Dingo killed!

Following hot on the heels of a State and Federal Police raid on the NSW Animal Liberation offices in Sydney a few weeks ago, where all their kangaroo campaign material was siezed and removed, we now have another police raid....this time in Queensland....and this time on a private home. Last week Police and QPWS staff raided the home of a woman photographer on Fraser 7 am in the morning! Her computer hard drives, her dingo paintings, dingo fridge magnets, photographs, manuscripts, even the dingo autopsy reports gathered under FOI where seized and taken. On the search warrant, they were looking for dog food.

This is Queensland 2009, under a Labor Government!

Save the Fraser Island Dingoes Committee are hosting a Dingo Day at Hervey Bay on the 20th September at Apex park, Pialba. from 10 am to 2 pm. Indigenous dancers, story telling, speakers, sausage sizzle, etc. Come along and learn about the Fraser Island dingo!

Our weekly wildlife newsletter Wildlife Bytes will be a tad late next week as we will be away, but much more is yet to come out about the terrible Fraser Island dingo eradication campaign mounted by the Queensland Government against the Fraser Island dingoes....and against those who fight to protect them.

Meanwhile the Fraser Island dingo eradication campaign continues. Queensland's Department of Environment says a dingo that lunged at a child on Fraser Island yesterday (28th October) has been destroyed. The three-year-old boy was playing at Eurong Beach at the time of the incident. He was not injured. The female dingo involved was found and killed last night. To read more about the Fraser Island Dingoes go to